• Julie Angel

    Founder of See&Do, filmmaker, photographer, author, academic, movement coach

    Filmmaker. Author of Breaking The Jump. Photographer. Likes sharing people’s stories.
    You can’t change the public perception of something that’s invisible.

  • Violeta Beral

    Photographer, Climbing Instructor, Abseiler

    Creates images, climbs, builds & rides bikes and plays outside a lot. Photographing action sports since forever… For more information check out her website VIOLETA BERAL PHOTOGRAPHY

  • Katie Sandford


    Does many things, tries stuff, trains parkour, weight lifting, has a longboard and a lot of determination. For more information check out her blog I DO MANY THINGS

  • MaryBeth Gangemi

    Founder of Kairos Strong, play therapist, StrongFirst Kettlebell Instructor, MovNat Instructor and Original Strength Coach.

    For more information check out her website KAIROS STRONG

  • Tara Robinson

    Press Co-ordinator, Athlete, Coach, Writer

    Moving her body and working as a freelance theatre director mostly. For more information check out her theatre’s website THE CONKER GROUP  

  • Andrea Brooks

    Coach & general inspiration.

    Gymnastics & Parkour coach, inspiring students & fellow athletes since forever.

  • Christie Thomas

    Certified Yoga Instructor/ADAPT Lvl 1 Parkour Coach

    Learn more about Christie and why she does parkour at her age in her See&Do interview here.

  • Maggie Spaloss

    Personal Trainer, Low-Impact Parkour Instructor, Adult Fitness Coach.

    A life time lover of movement, Maggie is a Parkour ADAPT level 1 coach and NASM CPT too. You can read more about her parkour journey, starting at age 52 here.