You’re going to learn how to be happier healthier and stronger.

You’ll wish you’d done this years ago.

No matter what your starting point is, we are all able and there's always more we can learn. Whether you havn't moved as well as you would like for several years or if you are an elite level athlete there is always the basic foundation level skills that can help improve our lives on a daily basis.  

What does the course contain? 

21 videos that will help you create lasting change 

Funsheets to identify patterns of behaviour

A training diary to track your moods as well as activities

Access to a private Facebook group to have support throughout your journey

Additional reading and resources to further extend your knowledge 

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Coming soon (early 2017), See&Do’s first introductory online course – Strong Body Strong Mind.

Strong Body Strong Mind is an effective and easy to follow step by step guide on how to train your body, train your mind and train for life. Strong Body Strong Mind will help make you happier, healthier, stronger and more empowered and able in your everyday life.

The course consists of a combination of functional natural movements to train or re-train your body to be confident in our movements and in our own skin with an emphasis on breathing, posture, groundwork, mobility, and strength (lifting & carrying).

Neural linguistic programming is the framework that will help to create a positive mindset and dis-spell any self-doubts and disbelief regarding your own abilities and potential as well as helping you to keep on track of set goals. If you trust in the process and believe in yourself then the results will come.

Combining and complementing these two elements will be the third section that will focus on how we present ourselves to the world, verbal and non-verbal communication, personal and situational awareness, boundaries, and how to avoid dangerous people and situations. Three different coaches will teach you in their own areas of expertise.

We hear a lot these days about being ‘mindful’ but rarely do people go into what this means nor how to apply it. Strong Body Strong Mind is a roadmap that sets us on our way to realising our full potential by being confident kind and respectful.

I’m excited to share more details of the course with you soon, stay up to date by signing up for the See&Do newsletter and keeping an eye on the website,