See&Do Founder Julie Angel is currently leading fun and accessible introductory parkour and natural movement workshops. You will learn how to improve your posture, mobility, balance, flexibility, co-ordination and strength by learning efficient movement techniques. We will cover various movement capacities such as ground work, balancing, vaulting, running, jumping, climbing, lifting, throwing and catching. You will learn new skills and train them so you that you can continue moving in a safe and strong way that promotes longevity and health on a daily basis.

You’ll experience fun and frustration as you learn new movement patterns that will allow you to move better and feel better. We’ll discuss how to programme these into your normal routines and also how to seek out new opportunities for training in your environment. Learn to see the world differently and you’ll never have an excuse for not moving again.

We are all able, join us to expand your knowledge and move more.

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