STRONG BODY STRONG MIND is a beginner level online course for those who want to learn and improve how to train the body and mind to be happier, healthier and stronger. Learn skills for breathing, balance, posture, mobility and strength alongside gaining a greater understanding of how the mind works and links to the body. The course consists of over 3 hours of video lessons plus additional resources, fun sheets, bonus videos and a private Facebook group to support your learning. It’s divided into 2 sections – Train the Body and Train the Mind. For more details on the content and pricing, learn more about the course HERE.

The Benefits of the Course include: 


The better your body moves, the better you will be at living your life to the full, and gaining greater physical competence and mobility. You will move better and think better.


You will learn a wide range of strategies based on neuro linguistic programming (NLP) that will help you clear any self-limiting beliefs so you can live life with an open heart, sense of curiosity and joy. You will set yourself up for success.


The stronger you feel, the more balanced your body and mind will be, so you can move through the world in a peaceful, contented and empowering way.

  • On completion of TRAIN THE BODY you will:
  • have identified diaphragmatic breathing techniques, and practised the techniques and drills to incorporate them into your daily life.
  • understand what is meant by ‘good posture’ and have started to restore your posture through breathing and exercise.
  • understand the importance of balance and incorporated balance drills into your daily routine.
  • have increased awareness of your current range of mobility and have studied exercises that will make everyday movement easier.
  • be able to progress towards a ‘deep squat’ and hence improve your overall strength and posture.
  • have acquired safe training techniques to build your strength and prevent injury.


  • On completion of TRAIN THE MIND you will
  • understand how the conscious and unconscious mind relate to each other and which one is really dominant.
  • use positive empowering language to communicate effectively.
  • have adopted matching and mirroring techniques to build positive rapports with people of all processing/learning styles (visual, auditory and kinasaethic).
  • have identified patterns of feelings, behaviour and beliefs through your unconscious mind and apply the ‘equation of success’ to achieve positive outcomes.
  • understand the importance of beliefs and how they influence your mind and body.
  • be able to adopt positive beliefs and to achieve desired outcomes.
  • learn and use techniques to develop a motivational mindset and apply it to the course and everyday challenges.
  • use your feelings and emotions associated with love to empower you to have a healthy body and mind.

Access the course now for only $497 

Strong Body Strong Mind is a course you’ll wish you’d done years ago. The combined knowledge in the course, is the result of decades worth of learning that has been channelled into an accessible and easy to follow step by step programme, that not only teaches you methods of how to reconnect with your body and move better, but also to think with more clarity and positivity and how to implement all of these skills into your everyday life. With a strong body and a strong mind you will move through the world in a way that is happy, healthy and safe.