• The See&Do Philosophy

    When we see what others have achieved it helps us to see what is possible and that we can imagine ourselves capable of beginning to learn. We are all able and have the potential for growth.

See&Do is a parkour inspired project that helps people discover what they are capable of by learning how to overcome mental and physical obstacles. This helps them to move and feel better. Workshops, online learning and inspirational stories combine to help you be inspired and then importantly take that first step towards change and action. See it to be it.

See&Do documents those who are already active & creates opportunities for others to explore and discover those movements for themselves.

None of the people featured in any of the videos, photos or blogs are any more special than the rest of us. We are all able, and by sharing their stories and images, See&Do hopes to connect more people to the idea of what is possible for them to achieve. Knowledge is power and knowing that there is someone out there who is already doing what you want to do creates a positive mindset about our own ability and potential for positive change.

How we interpret and interact with the physical world around us is the result of how we think and that affects what we do. How we learn to use our bodies is a way of becoming members of society. Tradition lets us know what is appro­priate in terms of our status, age and gender, but tradition isn’t always good for equality or health. All of this is transmitted across generations to make these mechanisms seem ‘normal’, eventually entering the realm of ‘natural’, but they are not. See&Do aims to contribute to and celebrate cultures of effort by creating a more balanced representation of activity and inspiring others to move and providing opportunities for them to do so.

Health is freedom and movement is health. Let’s all move more and connect to have a strong body and strong mind.

Aims & Ambition:  There are two aims for the project. The first is to inspire and thereby normalise images of women of all ages and abilities being active, brave, strong, facing their fears and taking on new challenges. Additionally See&Do aims to provide opportunities for learning and self-improvement through coaching, workshops, retreats and online courses for people to gain the skills to make positive changes in their lives thereby creating a strong body and strong mind. When we see what others can do it tells us that we can also therefore start to learn and be capable of it too.