Do you have a busy life and want or need to move your body but don’t have time to drive to the gym and back for an hour. Are you sat at a desk all day? Do you want to start a movement practice and become more capable of how you move but don’t know how to start? Moving your body doesn’t have to be an all or nothing endeavour. Movement Snacks is a daily 10 minute practice that will kickstart your mobility and get you feeling good. If you are sat down for most of the day these are the snacks that you want to see you through and leave you feeling strong and pain free each day. Movement Snacks gives you the tools to unwind the stiffness and rigidity developed from hours upon hours of sitting in chairs, cars, seats, couches and meetings. Let us help you create an organic and solid foundation to condition your body and mind and empower yourself to feel free and move again! Snack on movement and enjoy life!

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Do you want to improve your balance, mobility, strength and your overall quality of movement?

You don’t need any special equipment, membership, large space to do this, you can be comfortable doing this in a park outside on the grass or in the comfort of your own home on the floor. Feeling good and in touch with your own body and what it can do doesn’t have to be complicated or massively expensive.

The Movement Snacks course will introduce you to a variety of new and perhaps familiar skills that will benefit your life on a daily basis by helping you find fun and interesting ways to move your whole body in a variety of environments.

In the lessons of the Movement Snacks course, you will be given different ideas that will help you improve your physical and mental skills including: posture, balance, co-ordination, stability, mobility and strength.

On completion of the course you will:

  • have explored how breathing and movement techniques can effect and calm your nervous system by shifting you out of ‘fight and flight’ into ‘rest and digest’ for better health and a more enhanced sense of well being
  • understand how your whole body works together and how you can use gentle movements such as rocking to realign your spine and restore your posture
  • understand the importance of moving your body in a variety of shapes that help to reverse the damage done by spending extended time in a seated position
  • be able to improve respiratory and cardiovascular function, decrease the effects of stress, and improve physical and mental health
  • understand the importance of balance and how it can improve stability, mobility, and strength, and help in the prevention of injuries
  • understand how to build hand-eye co-ordination and boost neuroplasticity  to improve reaction time, reflexes, spatial awareness, strategic thinking and concentration
  • explored how to have a healthy vestibular system that allows us to move more confidently and smoothly
  • have acquired safe training techniques to build your resilience, reflexes and strength, and prevent injury

Decide that you want to and ready to make the changes you know you are capable of. You have the right to wake up pain free, feeling energised and empowered and in a healthy relationship with your body because it is strong and able. however busy you know you are, you know this matters and yes you can find 10 minutes to commit to self-improvement on a daily basis. Start creating your change now.