• Julie Angel Ph.D. Founder of See&Do

    Everyone can benefit from the inner excellence that Parkour has to offer. We can all take 1 step forward to improve our lives and connect with the world around us.

“12 years ago I started my own journey of reclaiming and re-discovering movement by starting to learn Parkour as part of my practise based Ph.D combining documentary filmmaking and the inner meanings of parkour. I was 35 at the time. I then continued my education by learning natural movement systems such as MovNat and Animal Flow that provided a more holistic approach to the inter-connection of movement, mindset, health and well being. I was scared of everything and have taken baby steps all the way. I am stronger and more able than I could have hoped for and the journey is never over. I’m a life long learner and continue to embrace a growth mindset by challenging my habits, moving outside, staying creative and being brave. There is joy in simplicity. ”

In 2011 Julie completed the world’s first Parkour themed Ph.D at Brunel University in London. Ciné Parkour: a cinematic and theoretical contribution to the understanding of the practice of parkour.

She has the following movement coaching certifications:

Parkour EDU Level 1 Parkour Coach
A.D.A.P.T. Parkour Level 1 asst. Coach

Animal Flow Lvl 1 Instructor

MovNat level II
MovNat Aquatics
MovNat Combatives

If you want to learn more about Julie’s journey back to movement and the story behind Parkour,  her book Breaking The Jump, tells that story.



“One of the pleasures of Julie Angel’s storytelling is that each sentence has oxygen fueling a narrative born out of a love for the beauty that is Parkour. The reader will be surprised that the form and structure of Parkour are not limited to motion, strength, agility or even being brave. On reading this book it becomes apparent that Parkour is a way of life. Parkour helps each human to build a foundation upon which they can contribute and share in a meaningful way to family and community and do so with love and goodwill. Angel in her effortlessly eloquent prose demonstrates a verve and panache that informs the reader that this is a book about the story of living, about human and personal evolution. Elsewhere Angel combine’s accurate, here before untold, history of Parkour, personal knowledge of the key players and first-hand experience of same placing her in a unique position to tell this story. Breaking the jump is a triumph.”
For more information on the book and characters in it, check out the Breaking the Jump website.