See&Do Founder Julie Angel has been creating independent films for the past 20 years. She has always searched for a way for the participant’s voice to be heard.  Her unique approach combines the quiet sensitivity of observational documentary filmmaking crafted with beautifully choreographed sequences to celebrate the subject matter. Enjoy, share and be inspired!

For all commissions, licensing & general enquiries please email and check out and her YouTube channel or the  See&Do on Vimeo channel for examples of her work.


Movement of Bones by Julie Angel

Age is no obstacle to these 4 women all in their 60s and 70s who train trapeze.


Movement of Tree by Julie Angel

6 friends spend an afternoon playing ad moving in trees.




Movement of Three from See&Do on Vimeo.

WOW! Women On Walls from See&Do on Vimeo.

MOVEMENT OF MORE by Julie Angel, See&Do


See&Do: Positive Ageing – the Body’s Ability to  Change & Adapt.