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  • Womens Movement Collaborative

     Dani Almeyda is on a  mission and it’s one that See&Do shares. Dani please can you tell us about what you do and where you are based? I’m Dani Almeyda. I am a wife to a firefighter, a mother of 2 young children and a border collie, a small business owner, coach, friend, and a woman […]

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  • Uppsala Girls Gathering by Tara Robinson, See&Do team

    During the summer See&Do team member Tara Robinson was invited to coach at the Uppsala Parkour Girls Gathering in Sweden, an event organised by Uppsala Parkour, mainly focusing on maintaining a good connection between female practitioners around the world and also to attract more girls to start training the otherwise male-dominated sport that parkour is today. […]

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  • Collaborations: High Heaven

    Hi Nina, can you tell me a little bit about what High Heaven is all about, the who, what and where? High Heaven’s first feature is a worldwide event mapping tool with which users can find and post their next adrenaline adventure. We have events in 23 different action sports and we list both events […]

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