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  • January 2018
  • Esprit Concrete

    Kasturi Torchia co-founded Esprit Concrete with Gogoly Yao in 2016, it aims to aid individuals gain a deeper understanding of their emotional, psychological and physical states through movement and self-reflection based on an Art Du Deplacement and Parkour experience. Julie Angel talks to Kasturi about this unique project and approach. J.A.: Can you tell us a little bit […]

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  • Set yourself up for success! by MaryBeth Gangemi

    It takes motivation and self discipline to not only start but also stick with physical movement. Create a practice that is energizing, enjoyable, sustainable, and one where success and progress are trained and actualized. Here are seven tips for creating and training success in your movement practice. 1. ENVIRONMENT: Plan ahead and create an enticing […]

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