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  • February 2015
  • Expectations…by Tara Robinson

    Here’s a situation… Why wasn’t I pleased that everyone cheered for me?   Because nobody cheered for anyone else so it made me feel different. It made me believe that before completing the wall run, nobody has expected me to complete it. Which made me realise the following… I believe the biggest obstacle to women […]

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  • See&Do in Scotland!

    See&Do is very happy to announce a new partnership with Glasgow Parkour Girls and Access Parkour in Edinburgh. See&Do womens tank tops will now be printed and available in Scotland. All profits from the shirts will go towards promoting inclusivity and womens meet ups locally. The shirts will be available to collect in person from […]

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  • Violeta Beral & Katie McDonnell, the story behind 1 image.

    When 2 creatives get together interesting things can happen. When those 2 artists have an appreciation of the physical capacities of what a body can do interesting work will be produced. When those artists see architecture differently than how most people do interesting work will be produced. A photograph is a moment and action photography […]

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  • Bodies of Action Campaign

    See&Do photographers Julie Angel & Violeta Beral are both contributing images to the just launched campaign Bodies Of Action by High Heaven.  Bodies of Action celebrates reality and diversity. The campaign aims to give light to fantastic females of all shapes and sizes; action and extreme sports activities, all portrayed by female photographers. Showing the […]

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