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  • January 2015
  • Parkour, the inconvenient truth…

    Interviewer: Julie Angel:  Interviewee: Kate Miller, American Parkour The idea of what parkour can be and the current reality of what parkour is are not the same as far as who participates. The issue of gender can’t be ignored in parkour. You hear a lot based around the idea of ‘parkour is for everyone!’, well […]

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  • New Apparel Coming Soon!

    In the spirit of inclusivity there will soon be 2 unisex T Shirt options available very soon. Support See & Do, supporting inclusive movement cultures, wear it on your chest, wear it proud. For more information on the upcoming products check out the Shop.

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  • Movement of Three

    The short film Movement of Three will be screened as part of the Official Selection for the Sheffield Adventure Film Festival, 20-22 March. My friends and I made this film a few years ago but it still moves me – excuse the pun – every time I watch it. I recently did a shoot with […]

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  • The Inspiration for See & Do

    September 2013 (that’s when I started to think about this project, it took a while but eventually the thoughts and timing to do something came together). Creating the playing field of our times. This project has been inspired by 2 events and 2 people – 1. Visual Anthropologist, climber, and friend Zofia Reych began a […]

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  • Conversations with Walls.

    Conversations with walls… You can’t hear them but they are happening in cities and towns all over the world, you can see them though. Women are looking at walls, something that maybe an unusual act if you are not into activities that involve the creative and physical re-interpretation of spaces. What may appear to be […]

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